Skills Required To Be a Certified Nursing Assistant

If you are looking for a career in nursing, becoming a certified nursing assistant is a really good option. To become a CNA, you should be at least a high school graduate. You can go for a CNA training program of six to eight weeks that includes classroom lab work and hands-on training. However, there are some set skills that you should possess to make a career in this field. Some of these vital skills are:

Patients care

The major part of a nursing assistant’s job is patient’s care. They have to work with patients who are suffering from different diseases or are injured. Nursing assistants may have to feed a patient who has swallowing difficulties or to support an unsteady patient during a transfer from bed to a wheelchair. CNAs should know how to look after patients keeping with utmost care.

Medical Knowledge

CNA should have basic medical knowledge. They should be able to recognize different symptoms of diseases or observe when a patient is suffering from them. Apart from this, they should understand the basics of medical problems such as dehydration.

Performing duties

A CNA should be quick in both thinking and performing duties. It is an important skill needed to perform this job successfully. They need to be quick in managing all their duties to provide the best care available for patients. CNAs should know how to deal in emergency situations.

There are institutes like Abcott institute, that can train you in these skills, so that you can pursue you career as a CNA.

Abcott institute, based in Michigan, is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education and licensed by the State of Michigan, Department of Education. This institute is an authorized medical testing center too. It is a renowned institute that offers CNA and combined CNA/HHA/PCT programs for aspiring candidates. This institute is well-known for providing hands on training, practical experience and industry support to students.


Author: abcottinstitute

Abcott Institute is an adult career training and certification school that provides accelerated practical and technical education in various medical and occupational disciplines.

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